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The Art Show was an Impressive & Outstanding Exhibition! Bravo!!!

Valencia Cay residents were very excited to meet league artists and enjoyed the diversity of beautiful artwork exhibited by the many talented PSLAL artists. Thank you to all artists who exhibited and to all volunteers! Your participation and help made it all possible! Residents who took the art classes by Kevin Bryk and Alyssa Rose, can't wait for them to come back to teach again!

Many thanks to Tere Muniz, Lifestyle, director at Valencia Cay, for giving PSLAL the opportunity to support the arts & Culture at RIVERLAND!

The league is on a Magnificent journey with unlimited possibilities in the future at Valencia Cay RIVERLAND! PSLAL looks forward to working together to create more art experiences for all to enjoy!

Check out photos in the Riverland Art Show FB Album 

Photo Collage courtesy Tere Muniz, Lifestyle Director, Valencia Cay

Valencia Cay Collage.jpg