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True artists support one another. We are in competition with only ourselves as artists, not with each other. We appreciate all art and all artists and choose to encourage and inspire one another.

The success of artists is shared by all. Artwork, artists styles and creativity are freely expressed without judgement. The PSL Arts League strives to learn, grow and work together to share our support of art & artists in our community.


Mission statement


The mission statement of the Port St. Lucie Arts League is to advance, enhance & sustain our communities cultural and artistic viability. Our goals are to develop and sustain a membership of local artists, encourage networking, provide a forum for healthy exchange of ideas, and support, encourage and inspire one another's creativity.

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You MUST be a Port St. Lucie Arts League member to  register and participate in any PSLAL Art Event or Art Exhibition.
Please print out and complete the membership and volunteer forms and mail along with your payment of $35.00 to the address listed at the bottom of membership form. Be sure to check off all the boxes on membership form: membership directory and artwork images.
A copy of all by-laws shall be provided to each paid member and a new set of by-laws shall be made available when amendments are finalized.
All NEW PSL Arts League members are encouraged to become familiar with the PSLAL Bylaws. If you have any questions or would like more information: 

                Volunteers help to support the success                     of the Port St. Lucie Arts League.

             Your contributions are greatly appreciated       and
Make a Difference!

Please let us know
how you would like to help.

Check out the volunteer opportunities!

            Many thanks to our Volunteer Coordinator & Membership Administrator Eric Frederikson!

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