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May 21, 2021

Demo Artist:

Tom Prestopnik

Join us at our member meeting,

Friday, May 21, 2021

1:00 - 3:00 pm

to observe artist, Tom Prestopnik, will cover the history of printmaking: etching, lithograph, wood block prints, silk screen prints, etc.  Following the lecture a demonstration using silk screen printing will take place and guests will be able to pull a print of their own to take home.

Tom Prestopnik was an art teacher for thirty one years in the Martin County School system, spending the last twenty years at South Fork High School teaching drafting, painting, drawing and music history.  As all artists, his work is constantly evolving, from silk screen printmaking in his early years, to painting and now mostly collage with paint.  The admiration and influence of Warhol and Escher have steered him in his current direction with his recent "Tessellation" series.  Two pieces are currently on display at the "Take Off" exhibit at the Treasure Coast Airport and another at the Art Alliance gallery in Ft Pierce.

Besides being an active practicing artist, Prestopnik is an avid record collector and a collector of the rock and roll memorabilia.  He writes for rock and roll oldies Goldmine Magazine, interviewing rock hero's of the past.  World travel is another of his passions with many foreign countries already visited, but many more still to conquer.  Venice, Italy is the favourite where found beauty can make an everlasting impression.


IMG_5486 (2).JPG
Tom Demo I.jpg
IMG_5487 (2) (1).JPG
IMG_4332 (3) (2).JPG
Videos of the demo will be available to view on the league FB page.

April 16, 2021

Demo Artist:

Cathy Daffinee Heeter

Join us at our member meeting,

Friday, April 16, 2021

1:00 - 3:00 pm

to observe artist, Cathy Daffinee Heeter, who will be demonstrating how to create interesting and beautiful collages.


Cathy Heeter is mostly a textile artist with a short attention span who dabbles in almost all other media. Absolutely everything inspires her to make art -color, texture, nature, unusual materials are all project possibilities.

She divides her time between Granger, Indiana and Fort Pierce, Florida and can be reached at cdheeter@comcast.net

To see more of Cathy's work: https://www.seriouslymixedmediaart.com/cathy-heeter


cathy heeter I.jpg
Cathy  Heeter bio.jpg
Cathy Heeter II.jpeg

March 19, 2021

Demo Artist:

Eduardo Gomez

Join us at our member meeting,

Friday, March 19, 2021

1:00 - 3:00 pm

to observe artist, Eduardo Gomez,                                          who will be demonstrating how                                             

to create a bust using clay.


“Individual uniqueness inspires me.” – Eduardo Gomez

"Telling stories with clay, bronze and his inner voice, Sculptor Eduardo Gomez Rojas is guided by a sense of empathy with others. Eduardo is a sculptor who has the ability to capture what he sees and is able to reach into the soul of his subject, sculpting each person as if he had known them for years… and in the process, creating a legacy for future generations." 

-Bob Leathers,
Artist & Designer

Born in Bogota, Colombia in 1951, Eduardo was the oldest child in a family of six. When he was seven or eight years old, his aunt went to visit a friend who had a sculpture studio, and she took him with her. The sculptress was creating an image of the Blessed Mother in clay. He was amazed at how this could be done. He felt drawn to her work and wished that one day he could do that also. 

Ever since that day, he felt something tug at him in the direction of sculpture. As an undergraduate student, he took various art classes including sculpture and carved his first sculpture out of a block of alabaster. That launched the career path that he enjoys today. 

He received his BA in Economics and MSW at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Years later, he returned to school at the University of Arkansas to complete his Fine Arts major in Sculpture and was admitted to their graduate school. He has also studied independently under nationally recognized figure sculptors such as David Klass, Phillipe Faraut, and Elden Tefft. 

Currently on display in Usaquen, Colombia are my public commission works. Two other of his public sculptures are also on display at the Distinguished Service Memorial Park in Stuart, Florida.

Since 2011, he has been the sculpture instructor at the Lighthouse Art Center in Tequesta, Florida. He also teaches in his private studio located in Jensen Beach, Florida.  His sculptures have been exhibited in several museums and international juried shows and are featured in select private collections as well. 

In 2009 a book was published about his sculpture work titled “Eduardo Gomez: Silent Messages”. This book includes an introduction and artist interview by Art Historian Laura M. Amrhein, Ph.D. There is also a section on his creative process, a gallery, and a catalog raisonné of his work.

"I make original sculptures that chronicle the beauty, passion and uniqueness of the human spirit. My figurative sculptures of people and animals are a visual poem about the soul of my subjects. I seek to capture their character with unique sensibility and intensity." ~ Eduardo Gomez

Fine Art Sculpture by Eduardo Gomez 

eduardo gomez profile pic.jpg
Danseur_Royal_eduardo I.jpg
The-Thinker-Eduardo II.jpg
Dreamweaver eduardo III.jpg

Dansuer Royal 

The Thinker


February 19, 2021

Demo Artist:

Judy Burgarella

Join us at our member meeting,

Friday, February 19, 2021

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

to observe artist, Judy Burgarella, who will be painting Elizabeth Taylor in oils.  She will cover the following depending on time:

1) Basic guidelines of composition

2) How to roughly map out the face (on primed canvas)

3) Measuring techniques: sight-sizing vs calipers, vs comparative measurements

5) Colors used for 

4) Blocking in the lights and darks

5) Blending and adjusting values and colors

6) Refining elements and tweaking them to achieve a likeness

7) Finishing touches, i.e., soft edges, hard edges, sparkles, tricks to making all aspects of your portrait more interesting.

8) Coating and framing

Judy Burgarella, a Connecticut native, is an award-winning artist whose work resides in many private, corporate and public institutions.  She is a gifted teacher whose demonstrations can be found on YouTube and other internet locations. 


Upon moving to Florida in 2005, she rolled up her sleeves and immersed herself into the Arts in the Treasure coast, joining local clubs and participating in regional shows—earning many ribbons in the process.


Judy currently teaches portraiture at the Vero Beach Museum of Art and has other ongoing group and private classes around Indian River County.  She works in many mediums and enjoys painting all subjects, with portraiture being her favorite.  Sharing her love of art is her passion, and showing others how to get the most out of their painting journey is her mission.



Portraits - www.burgarellaportraits.blogspot.com


All subjects & mediums - www.artbyburgarella.blogspot.com


Classes -  www.artclassesbyjudyburgarella.blogspot.com


Tips & Tricks - www.burgarellaarttipsandtricks.blogspot.com

Burgarella Head Shot-light.jpg
P-Mandolin Player.jpg
Burgarella-J-Non-Commissioned Porttait.j
P-Amelia Earhart.jpg

January 15, 2021

Demo Artist:

Lulu Badgley

Join us at our member meeting,

Friday, January 15, 2021

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

to observe artist, Lulu Badgley,  who will be demonstrating the basic elements of printmaking without a press using the Gelli Plate. 


She will introduce how to use textures, stencils, and masks to create prints and print backgrounds and how to layer images for a complete print. Materials include acrylic paints, gelli plates of different sizes, and assorted materials from her studio and garden.

Linda (LuLu) Badgley, has been teaching for over 50 years as a history and language arts teacher in Wellesley Public Schools and as Assistant Curator of Education and art faculty at the Vero Beach Museum of Art. mixed-media artist who specializes in polymer clay and photo manipulation.  She has recently become obsessed with Gelli Press printing and has eagerly shared her learning in a number of workshops at her studio.


She has been recognized in several photography contests of the Indian River Photo Club, and her work has been published in DIGITAL STUDIO MAGAZINE.  She exhibits her work at Seriously Mixed Media Art Gallery on Orange Avenue, Fort Pierce.

You can see example of her work at seriouslymixedmediaart.com,

Instagram.com/lulubadgley, and



November 20, 2020

Demo Artist:

Marcy Purdy

Join us at our next virtual member meeting,

Friday, November 20, 2020

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

to observe artist, Marcy Purdy, who will share her fish printing technique - "Gyotaku".


Her latest passion is Artfish by MarSea. She began her  "Gyotaku" career while working as an Art Therapist in a school based program for special needs students. As a reward, students earned weekly fishing trips to the Sebastian Inlet. She would print the catch for the students, which made great souvenirs.


Gyotaku is the ancient Japanese folk art of painting fish. The Japanese used this method to preserve the true record and size of the anglers catch at fishing tournaments. Gyotaku has evolved into an art form that blends the love of fish and the sea, with beautiful art. The actual fish is carefully painted with nontoxic water based inks. Then, delicate rice paper or fabric is pressed upon the specimen. When lifted, a detailed, mirror image of the subject is revealed.


She has developed her own "rubbing" technique in her studio where she makes custom Gyotaku prints and other gift items. She is a member of the International Game Fish Association, and has cosponsored fishing tournaments throughout the state.

Marcy has over 35 years as a Board Certified Art Therapist, Educational Administrator, Certified Qi Gong instructor, Artist and Gallery Owner.

Marcy has utilized the creative process, and movement in her private practice, as well as her consulting work with various agencies and organizations.

Marcy has just become a Soulcollage Facilitator, and is anxious to this powerful process using the language of symbols through images to gain insight and self discovery.

marcea II.jpg
marcea I.jpg
marcea III.jpg

October 16, 2020

Demo Artist:

Michael Alexander

Join us at our next virtual member meeting,

Friday, October 18, 2020

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

to observe artist, Michael Alexander, who will share his passion of painting in oils.


Michael enjoys painting BIG! The unveiling of his beautiful dolphin mural in 2016 at the Jupiter Pointe Club & Marina is a tribute of his LOVE of the SEA and his ongoing support in caring for thier eco-system and people to bring awareness to keeping FL waters safe for all.

Michael Alexander live painting flyer.jp
Michael Alexande Dolphin Project.jpg
Seashell By the Seashore_Michael Alexand