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March 20, 2020

Demo Artist:

Mallo Bisset

Join us at our next member meeting,

Friday, March 20, 2020,

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, at the PSL Community Center,

to observe award winning artist, Mallo Bisset, who will do a demo on palette knife painting techniques.

Mallo Bisset Demo Flyer.jpg

February 21, 2019

Eran Far inspired all to paint from your Heart!

As an abstract expressionist artist, she urged us all to look within to paint what we feel and love without regard for if it will sell or not. Her own paintings are intriguing and express her emotions, joy and passion for art. Thank you for an inspirational and thought provoking presentation!

Learn more about Eran's art and workshops:  www.yessy.com/eranfar 


January 17, 2019


Don Musante's palette painting demo was highly entertaining! Questions by guests intrigued with Don's style engaged everyone in conversation to learn more about palette knife painting. Beautiful blends were the result of his fearless use of color! His spontaneity in paint application created interesting texture on the canvas. Interesting to watch Don use his knife to make bold and deliberate strokes then switch to create thin delicate lines using the side of the knife, gently pulling or pushing the color to form a blade of grass, tree or the side of a building. Fabulous Don! Thank you!

Don demo III.jpg
Don demo IV.jpg
don demo V.jpg
don demo painting.jpg

November 22, 2019

What a FUN demo with Denise Justice!

Thank you Denise Justice for such a FUN time with your demo on Acrylic Pouring! Everyone enjoyed learning about the Dirty Pour and other pouring applications, the types of paints and mediums and all the tips that you have discovered in this process. Wonderful to have a few members get to experience this technique! A lively inspiring afternoon experimenting with color and paints. Each painting unique and one of a kind created with spontaneous unpredictable results.

For more information about classes and workshops with Denise Justice: https://www.denisejusticeartstudio.com/art-class

Denise Justice I.jpg

Denise Justice


Inger Ames

October 2019

Everyone enjoyed Sally Browning Pearson's Clouds and Ocean Watercolor step-by-step demo! She shared a multitude of techniques, many special effects and three important factors in watercolor painting: how wet, how dry and the timing. Sally loves teaching!

The breadth of information that she provided was so appreciated! We learned about types of paint, brushes, Magic Erasers, lumps & bumps, how to make a Sally line (never a ruler please), how to make it rain, types of paper (the secret of rough and how sparkles happen), soft and hard edges, and so much more...

Thank you Sally for your beyond amazing presentation and for sharing your knowledge with all at our last member meeting! Much Appreciation! <3

Check out Sally's class schedule and Batik on Rice Paper workshop at The Nook: https://www.stuartartsupply.com/sally-pearson.html

For more information or to sign up for workshops & classes, email sallybpearson@gmail.com or Call Sally at 772-340-3728. Cell 772-361-9626

Enjoy Sally’s video: Sally Browning Pearson’s Painting Clouds and Ocean in Watercolors https://youtu.be/f264xLoB0P4

Clouds and Ocean WatercolorPainting
Clouds and Ocean WatercolorPainting

Sally Browning Pearson

press to zoom
Painting Clouds
Painting Clouds

Sally Browning Pearson

press to zoom
Painting Ocean
Painting Ocean

Sally Browning Pearson

press to zoom
Painting Clouds by Sally Browning Pearson

September 2019

Thank you to Natalie Louise, from Oxbow Exo-Center, for coming out to share some of the creative ideas in how to make costumes, masks and other creatures to march in the Procession of the Species Parade. Everyone enjoyed learning about the variety of materials used and the cool ways to construct a bird, insect, flower, animal, and so much more...Some PSLAL artists are already working or have made their species for the parade. Judy Coffman will be offering a workshop for anyone interested in creating a simple bird costume to join the PSL Arts League in the parade on October 26, 2019. Details about workshop soon. Hope you can join us! Will be FUN. Make sure to watch the video post on the parade.

natalie louise I.jpg
procession of the species.png