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Port St. Lucie Members & Artists 2019 - 2020

ABOUT THE ARTISTS ~ Learn more about the talents of PSLAL artists!    Looking for an art class or workshop? Curious of what artists are creating?          Get a glimpse...

Commissioned artwork accepted by several PSL Arts League artists


Adamo, Susan

Alent, Mimi

Alexander, Michael ~ Commissions

Ames, Inger-Marie

Austin, Mary Ann

Bacheller, Nancy

Bankston, Elaine

Barnett, Tamara Thoma

Bendana, Martha

Bisset, Mallo ~ Commissions

Blitz, Naomi

Brown, Cecilia

Brown, Gina

Cavanaugh, Elaine

Coffman, Judy

Cooper, Madelaine ~ Commissions

Curreri, Corinne

Daniel, I Joseph

Eddington, Patricia

Ferraris, Fiori

Florez, Joanne Lucia

Forster, Thomas K.

Franklin, Donna

Frederiksen, Eric

Frederiksen, Caroline

Galiano, Dale

Gion, Tom

Gronowicz, Gloria

Hamblet, Marilyn

Harris, Susan

Hartsell, Evelyn

Henderson, Joan

Heslop, Carol

Heveron, Jillane

Hold, Greg ~ Commissions

Horris, Melanie

Hossler, Scott

Jacoby, Doris ~ Art Classes

Joyce, Maureen

Justice, Denise~ Art Classes

Klisky, John B

Korman, Delia

Laigo, Rene

LaLonde, Michelle

Larsh, Rita ~ Art Classes

Larson, Bonnie

Laugois, Joan Marie

Lenna, Randy

Lillis, Sandy

Lyons, Barbara Z~ Commissions

Lyons, Joan E.

Madsen-Vallee, Bernard (Phred)

Mannhalter, Debra

Markowitz, Floyd Commissions

McGrath, Mitchelle G.

McLoughlin, Pat

Mead, Marilyn

Megna, Gail

Mesmer, Shane

Mich, Nancy ~ Art Classes

Musante, Don

O'Kelly, Laura Commissions

Pearson, Connie

Peterson, Cecilia

Porterfield, Sue

Pribish, Elaine

Rogers, Charles

Rose, Alyssa~ Art Classes

Rose, Katy

Roselli, Sharon

Salazar, Elizabeth

Scheer, Carla

Schmidt, Carl

Schmidt, Janyce

Sine, Frances

Stall, Mark  ~ Commissions

Tonks, JoAnn

Vachon, Susan ~ Art Classes

Veness-Meehan, Kate

Warren, Barbara

Wershba, Marty

Wershba, Ronda

Willey, Toni

White, Patty

Wood, Terry

Young, Joe

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