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Port St. Lucie Members & Artists 2019 - 2020

ABOUT THE ARTISTS ~ Learn more about the talents of PSLAL artists!    Looking for an art class or workshop? Curious of what artists are creating?          Get a glimpse...                    

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                                Get to Know Artists Unique and Diverse Art Styles!                       

Commissioned artwork accepted by several PSL Arts League artists

If you are interested in a particular work of art in the member gallery or in a FB Artist Album,  

please contact artist directly.

Adamo, Susan

Alent, Mimi

Alexander, Michael ~ Commissions

Ames, Inger-Marie

Austin, Mary Ann

Bacheller, Nancy

Bankston, Elaine

Barnett, Tamara Thoma

Bendana, Martha

Bisset, Mallo ~ Commissions

Blitz, Naomi

Brown, Cecilia

Brown, Gina

Cavanaugh, Elaine

Coffman, Judy

Cooper, Madelaine ~ Commissions

Curreri, Corinne

Daniel, I Joseph

Eddington, Patricia

Ferraris, Fiori

Florez, Joanne Lucia

Forster, Thomas K.

Franklin, Donna

Frederiksen, Eric

Frederiksen, Caroline ~ Commissions

Galiano, Dale

Gion, Tom

Gronowicz, Gloria

Hamblet, Marilyn

Harris, Susan

Hartsell, Evelyn

Henderson, Joan

Heslop, Carol

Heveron, Jillane

Hold, Greg ~ Commissions

Hossler, Scott

Jacoby, Doris ~ Art Classes

Joyce, Maureen

Justice, Denise~ Art Classes

Klisky, John B

Korman, Delia

Laigo, Rene

LaLonde, Michelle

Larsh, Rita ~ Art Classes

Larson, Bonnie

Laugois, Joan Marie

Lenna, Randy

Lillis, Sandy

Lyons, Barbara Z~ Commissions

Lyons, Joan E.

Madsen-Vallee, Bernard (Phred)

Mannhalter, Debra

Markowitz, Floyd Commissions

McGrath, Mitchelle G.

McLoughlin, Pat

Mead, Marilyn

Megna, Gail

Mesmer, Shane

Mich, Nancy ~ Art Classes

Musante, Don

O'Kelly, Laura Commissions

Pearson, Connie

Peterson, Cecilia

Porterfield, Sue

Pribish, Elaine

Relis, Linda

Rogers, Charles

Rose, Alyssa~ Art Classes

Rose, Katy

Roselli, Sharon ~ Commission

Scheer, Carla

Schmidt, Carl

Schmidt, Janyce

Sine, Frances

Stall, Mark  ~ Commissions

Tonks, JoAnn

Vachon, Susan ~ Art Classes

Veness-Meehan, Kate

Warren, Barbara

Wershba, Marty

Wershba, Ronda

Willey, Toni

White, Patty

Wood, Terry

Young, Joe

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