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All PSLAL Member Meetings are   Canceled

is a member of the  
Florida Association of Nonprofits (FANO)

Windmill Point Elementary
School Donation 2021

Many thanks to Paul Grives, 
Event & Service Coordinator,
Parks & Recreation Dept., for providing the larger space so that more people are able to attend in person with Covid safe practices.

Stop by the
PSLAL Art Gallery at the
PSL Community Center!
Several league artists have artwork on exhibition.

Port St. Lucie
Public Art Master Plan
in Port St. Lucie!
What is Public Art?
Learn more about the 
vision of the Public Master Art Plan and how public art will integrate into the success of the City in the future. PSLAL artists painted live at the Art Al Fresco event, an evening to learn more about the Public Art Master Plan and to unveil a new interactive sculpture at the PSL Botanical Gardens. 

Public Art Installations Map:
Take a tour around the City of Port St. Lucie to see all the beautiful sculptures, mosaics
and more...Enjoy!



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Please check back for updates. Enjoy!
PSLAL Business is Suspended

Posts are not being accepted on the 
PSLAL FaceBook page.
Update: Members voted not to dissolve on November 17, 2021.

Current Status of the League and Moving Forward

IMPORTANT:                                                                                                           The PSLAL board presented the Resolution to Dissolve: Plan of Distribution of Assets and Board of Directors Action Plan on November 17, 2021. 


A quorum of 24 members was present at this meeting.


Vote Results:   YES = 9       NO = 15        Motion to dissolve did not carry. 


The decision not to dissolve was made by only 15 league members. 

The league has not actively participated in any league community events since August 2021 and has no future plans to participate in any events.


Board applications were accepted beginning November 17, 2021 and as of this date an insufficient number of applicants were received to fill the vacant seats to meet the legal requirements of the PSLAL bylaws as well as the Florida state and federal nonprofit 501c3 regulations.


PSLAL has greatly enjoyed working in collaboration with many venues and partners over the years, especially in 2021 to bring the arts and artists to the City of Port St. Lucie for all to enjoy! 


Special Thanks to the City of Port St. Lucie and MIDFLORIDA Event Center for providing the league the opportunity to expand and grow as a key partner in the PSL Public Art Plan. Thank you to everyone at the PSL Community Center for providing meeting space that enabled the league to offer opportunities for the community to learn more about the arts and artists at our monthly meeting demos. For many years, MIDFLORIDA and the PSL Community Center Gallery have showcased the beautiful artwork of many talented PSLAL artists and their diverse body of artwork. Thank you! 


On behalf of PSLAL, we would also like to acknowledge the support and continued celebration of the arts that came to fruition through our network of community connections which made it all possible for PSLAL to fulfill its mission.  


Much appreciation to all PSLAL artists who actively participated and all members who volunteered to make our league a success!  


Our meetings are now held in the banquet room to accommodate 70 members.


Learn more about past demo artists: 

PSLAL ends the season at Valencia Cay Clubhouse.
Community Center Member Meeting.jpg

     Join us to celebrate and support the arts!


Arts & Crafts Expo.webp

the passion to create...
     to be inspired...
         unlimited possibilities...



  • Latitude-88,Inc
lattitude-88 & pslal logos.jpg

Read all about the Art Expo below ~ follow Art Expos on Instagram

Next Member Meeting
Windmill Point Elementary School Donation.jpg


What a weekend to remember!

The ENERGY was over the top!

CONGRATULATIONS! to you Mike Strickland, Crystal Jordan and to your amazing team at Lattitude-88, Inc. for the most amazing weekend at the Port Saint Lucie Winter Art & Craft Expo!

The Port St. Lucie Arts League THANKS YOU!


The March EXPO was also a GREAT SUCCESS!!! 

  Chalk Artist, Shane Mesmer shares her talents

  at the PSL ART & CRAFT Expos!







Many Thanks to Latitude-88, Inc. (formerly Patriot Productions), for choosing the Port St. Lucie Arts League as a benefiting organization at the Port St. Lucie Fall Arts & Crafts Expo!

The Port St. Lucie Arts League honored to be chosen as a benefiting organization at the Expo! Looking forward to another Amazing Fun & Inspiring time working together to support art, artists & artisans in the PSL community!

Your generous gift helps to support the PSL Arts League
mission to advance, enhance and sustain our community's cultural and artistic viability. Your donation has made it possible for the league to create an artfund to give back to the Port St. Lucie community!
PSLAL will make a significant donation this year to Windmill Point Elementary school to collaborate with teachers to create a school-wide art project to start off the next school year.
PSLAL is looking forward to working together with Windmill Point to create an artist-in-residence program to bring the arts & artists in to share their artwork & creative talents for all to enjoy!
Art Education is an important academic subject and is proven to benefit children at a young age.
Much Appreciation to Latitude-88, Inc.!
Thank you Latitude-88, Inc. (formerly Patriot Productions)
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  • Port St. Lucie, Spring Art & Craft Expo 2021
Port St. Lucie Arts League
Arts & Crafts Expo.webp

A Celebration of Life,

   Arts & Crafts

     and the Human Spirit...